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El Salvador leader’s visit to Turkey garnered reactions

President of El Salvador, who made Bitcoin the official currency and drew public reaction with his perception that he was creating an oppressive regime in his country. Nayib B Watchmade contacts in Turkey this week.

President of AKP yesterday Recep Tayyip Erdogan Bukele also came to the fore with his Turkish posts on social media before and after the meeting. But in his country, Bukele’s visit to Turkey garnered reactions.

According to Sözcü’s report; El Diario de Hoy, one of the country’s respected newspapers, also gave a wide coverage to Bukele’s visit to Turkey. There was also a reaction against Bukele in the news of the digital newspaper, which conveyed Bukele’s Turkish posts on Twitter, his visit to Anıtkabir and his meetings with Erdogan.

dissident politician, member of Nuestro Tiempo and diplomatist Napoleon Camposcriticized Bukele’s meeting with Erdogan. Campos, “If Nayib believes that he can get out of international isolation by meeting with Turkey, he is wrong” said.


On the other hand, the senior name of the ARENA party Rene Portillo Cuadra He also made remarkable statements. Cuadra said Bukele should establish good relations with the United States “nearby”. cuadra, “Bukele went to another continent for trade and financial support, instead of the United States, where it has been its main strategic partner for decades,” he said. said.

Bukele said at the press conference held yesterday that his country has always been unipolar and that the USA has always been there and is an important trade partner. In the continuation of Bukele’s statement, “It is important for El Salvador to establish relations with other places such as Turkey” he said.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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