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The hour of the Apocalypse is 100 seconds before midnight. The positive actions of mankind, counterbalanced by the regression in the nuclear and climate field

The so-called “Doomsday Clock”, which measures the approach of destruction to humanity, following its own harmful actions, was 100 seconds past midnight, according to The Guardian. This is the third year in a row that the clock has been set at this time, which is closer to midnight than at any time during the Cold War.

The Atomic Scientists’ Bulletin, which organizes the annual revelation of those clocks, said the decision to leave the time unchanged reflects the fact that certain positive decisions taken last year offset the continuing nuclear weapons, climate crisis and rising biological threats. The event has been held every year since 1947.

“The clock of the Apocalypse is kept constant at 100 seconds until midnight. But the fact that it is the same is not good news, “said Sharon Squassoni, a professor at George University and co-chair of the Bulletin’s Science and Security Council, which decides the movements of that clock each year.

“In fact, it reflects the council’s judgment that we are stuck in a dangerous time, one that brings neither stability nor security,” he added.

The positive developments, noted by the council, include last year’s decision to extend the New Start arms control agreement between Russia and the United States, the resumption of talks on Iran’s nuclear program and the entry into service of a US administration that believes in climate science and is committed to mitigating global emissions.

On the other hand, the Council also pointed out the main issues that counterbalanced the good decisions, including the continued growth of the great powers in the nuclear arsenal, the lack of progress on Iran’s nuclear issue and the timid, global action taken to combat the crisis. climate.

“The threshold is not far off,” the Bulletin said, explaining a virtually announced decision, in itself a telling sign of the times. Prior to COVID-19, the “disclosure” was made annually at the Washington National Press Club.

The Council also drew attention to biological threats in the context of the global vulnerability highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The bulletin is based at the University of Chicago, opposite the birthplace of the Atomic Age. There, in 1943, Enrico Fermi performed the experiments that led to the development of the first atomic bomb.

The site is marked by a sculpture by Henry Moore depicting an atomic explosion. Chicago artist Martyl Langsdorf created the image of the clock 75 years ago at the behest of scientists who built the atomic bomb that ended World War II.

At that time, in 1947, the Cold War was already underway, and scientists wanted to alert Americans to the dangers of a nuclear confrontation with the Soviet Union.

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Source From: Libertatea

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