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The country, which had so far reported no COVID cases, was infected by the passengers of the first international flight

The island country of Kiribati has managed to avoid COVID during the pandemic due to harsh measures to enter the territory. That was until last week, when the authorities reopened the borders, and two thirds of the passengers of the first international flight that landed on the island were tested positive and the virus spread, reports The Guardian.

All 54 passengers, 36 of whom were diagnosed with COVID after arriving from Fiji last Friday, were quarantined and feeling well, according to authorities.

However, the virus has spread in the community.

On Tuesday, a security guard at the quarantine center tested positive and the island nation introduced restrictions for a two-week period, including the mandatory wearing of masks, social distance and vaccination permits for those who want to travel to the island. outside the capital, Tarawa.

The security guard and two members of his family were also placed in quarantine, while the village where he lives was placed in solitary confinement for two weeks. Two days later, two more positive cases were detected in the community.

The government of the island nation has now decided to impose a total lockdown for months and four days, with schools closed and people allowed to leave their homes just for essential services.

The information about the passengers tested positive and the infected guard made the locals panic, especially since they reached the public from the press, instead of being officially announced.

“As parents, we are concerned about our children because, unlike us, they are not vaccinated and do not have access to one,” said Kareaua Nawaia, 32, a father of three.

Last month, the Kiribati government announced that 93.4% of the population over the age of 18 had been vaccinated with the first dose, but only 53.1% received a second dose.

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