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Pakistani prisoner with cancer acquitted months after death

Geo TVSaima Farhan and her family, who were detained on charges of murder in the Pakistani Karachi court, were acquitted seven months after Farhan’s death in the Central Prison. Farhan’s lawyers stated that they could not happily share the news of his acquittal with family members, saying that justice was served too late by the court.

Farhan, 35, who taught the Qur’an to his neighbor and friend, whom he was accused of murdering, died in prison on 14 June 2021 due to serious abdominal and kidney problems, while the trials continued in his absence, and about seven months later, the judge finally passed away on 10 January 2021. Announcing the verdict, he declared that all the defendants were acquitted.

Prison officials stated in the death report that Farhan was also a cancer patient. Saima’s family “We are a poor family, what could we do?” expressed their desperation.


Saima Farhan was arrested on 14 February 2020 for allegedly poisoning her neighbor and friend Rukhsar.

Rukhsar’s mother, who died in the hospital he was taken to on February 24, 2019 after falling ill at home, filed a complaint against Saima and her family members, alleging that they poisoned her daughter. After the case was recorded, the mother requested that her daughter’s tomb be exhumed to support the claim that her daughter was poisoned by Saima and her family.

Speaking to, Saima’s family members said that the complainants were trying to usurp the property owned by Saima.with the help of the police“against themselves”a wrong case“He said he created it.

After his body was exhumed, it was discovered that he died from zinc phosphide, a compound used in pesticides such as rat poison, but the report was unable to determine whether the poison was self-inflicted or by someone else. In the report “No comment can be made on the manner of death.‘ were included.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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