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New details emerge in mysterious death of Saudi brothers

New details have emerged about the death of two Saudi sisters who were found dead in their home in Sydney, Australia. The British press announced that the mystery of the mysterious deaths of the Saudi brothers began to be lifted.

New details have emerged regarding the death of two Saudi sisters, whose bodies were found to be decomposing in separate rooms of the house they rented on June 7 in Sydney, Australia.

After the Saudi Arabian sisters did not pay the rent for four weeks and their mail began to pile up, the apartment manager notified the police.

When the police entered the house on 7 June, they found the dead bodies of Esra Abdullah Alsehli, 24, and Emel Abdullah Alsehli, 23, in separate rooms.

It was stated that the young girls, who had previously come to the country with 5 thousand dollars in cash, changed their names here and left Islam.


While the cause of death of young girls has been on the agenda of the international public for a while, a source reaching the Australian edition of the Daily Mail newspaper made striking claims. An unnamed source, said to be close to the brothers, said Esra and Emel had concerns for their safety earlier this year. “They told authorities they saw a man standing between two cars outside the building acting strangely,” the source said. said.

This statement also brought up the thesis that young girls may have been murdered.

Stating that the footage of the man in question was also reflected in the security cameras, the source said that the police would decide whether this person had anything to do with the incident. The same source also stated that the brothers reported to the building management that they were afraid of tampering with the food orders brought to the house by someone.

A neighbor living in the same building also told the newspaper, “They were like two little sparrows. Even if the door was knocked, they did not want to open it. They were afraid of something. I realized their fear and wanted to help. But I was not successful.”

Source From: Sozcu

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