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Millionaire Anja Graf took her seriously injured Romanian lover to Zürich with a Swiss rescue helicopter: “He can’t walk or stand straight”

“The operations that Alex did in Romania had to be corrected in Switzerland,” accuses Anja Graf, 45, in the Swiss newspaper Blick. Last month, her boyfriend caused a serious accident in Argeș, as a result of which a 19-year-old man lost his life.

Graf, who made a name for himself in the real estate industry by renting out business apartments, said he hired a helicopter from Swiss Air-Rescue (REGA), a private air rescue service, to bring his lover to University Hospital from Zürich.

She paid for the special flight out of her own pocket: “It is natural that in such an emergency, money is not a problem.”

Two new surgeries

“Medical care in Switzerland is better than in Romania,” says the Swiss woman. She specified that her boyfriend underwent two new surgeries on his legs, “because the operations that were done in Romania had to be corrected.”

“Alex can’t walk or stand straight. He blames himself for the death of his passenger,” says Graf.

Alex Enache, 28, and Anja Graf had temporarily separated this summer, they “got together” in September, and the dramatic situation the man went through convinced Anja that “we have to form a strong couple”.

Alex is struggling to recover from the accident he himself caused, on a county road in Argeș, at the beginning of last month.

At the wheel of a 600-horsepower car, he lost control of the car, broke a pole and crashed violently into a tree, between Dobrești and Topoloveni.

The Swiss-registered Mercedes overturned on its side in the roadside ditch, nearly disintegrating. A wheel broke and the engine jumped off the chassis.

His friend, Andrei, 19, who was in the seat on the right, died on the spot, while Alex suffered serious injuries and was transferred to a hospital in Bucharest the day after the accident.

“Alex is not just any racing driver. The young man who died wanted to see what a car like his was like”

Graf claims that her boyfriend did not get behind the wheel while intoxicated: “He was going to a birthday party and decided to bring the car home, just so he wouldn’t have to drive home drunk.”

The 19-year-old who died “told her that he had never been in a limousine like that and that’s why he left with it.”

“Alex is not a racing driver, not even a car fan,” the woman also told Blick.

Alex Enache is being investigated for manslaughter and manslaughter. According to Ziarul Argeșul, the blood alcohol level resulting from blood tests was 0.39.

Successful model and businesswoman

Born in Winterthur, Anja Graf began her career as a model and, after dropping out of business school, founded her own modeling agency as a teenager. When the models needed accommodation, she arranged for them to stay in their own apartments.

The demand for these apartments grew so quickly that Graf soon bought the first property in Zürich’s 4th district. In 1999 she founded her real estate business, which expanded worldwide and eventually made her a millionaire.

Anja Graf owns 75% of the Romanian company Vision Apartments Bucharest, a company founded four years ago, together with her boyfriend.

The millionaire lived for the last 3 years in Bucharest, with Alex. She is the mother of four children, aged between 10 and 21.

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