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Drought hits Italy

In addition to the extreme heat recorded in the summer months in Italy, the effects of the severe drought experienced in September and October with less precipitation compared to previous years continue on agricultural production.

After the hot summer months, Italy also spent the autumn period hotter and without precipitation compared to previous years. According to the Italian Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (CNR), the country has had its warmest year since 1800 this year.

With the effect of extreme heat and low precipitation, Italy experienced the most severe drought in the last 70 years this year, and the effects of this continue to be seen in agricultural production.

The fact that the water level in Italy’s largest river Po, which affects 30 percent of agricultural production throughout the country, is 3 meters below the normal at the Becca Bridge location near Pavia, signals the problems faced by the agricultural sector.


Representatives from the agriculture sector stated that they had serious losses due to the drought, and they hope that the situation will recover with the start of the rains in November.

Umberto Bertolasi, director of the Milan-Lodi-Monza cities of the Italian Association of Agriculturists (Coldiretti), told AA, “It’s a nine months without precipitation. It was a year when water resources were 70 percent lower than the annual average. Therefore, we are leaving behind a problematic year in terms of the availability of water resources.” said.

Bertolasi, drawing attention to the low water level in large lakes due to drought, said, “When you enter the irrigation season with a 30 percent occupancy rate in your big lakes, the season will only be very difficult.” he said.

Stating that they expect the state to declare a natural disaster, Bertolasi said, “The most damaged crops were rice and corn. In some cases, no harvest was possible at all, and unexpected yield drops of 30 percent were recorded in some cultivated areas where we managed to irrigate, due to extreme heat and evaporation.” used the phrase.

Bertolasi stated that according to their recent study, they have lost several billion euros in the Lombardy region alone.

Antonio Dornetti, who grows agricultural products such as grain, corn and animal feed in his farm near Milan, the second largest city in the country, showed the problems he observed in his products due to drought in his farm at different times of the year with photographs he took with his phone.

Dornetti said, “Our loss this year is very high due to both the lack of precipitation and water scarcity. We have a loss of 40 to 50 percent in corn and 60 percent in meadows. We hope to see more rain next winter because if it continues to rain less like this, the situation will be worse.” made his comment. (AA)

Source From: Sozcu

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