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Turkmens in Iraq will not recognize a government they will not be in.

President of the Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITC), Hasan Turan, stated that Turkmen were not invited to the meetings held by the political parties during the process of forming the new government in Iraq, and that they would not recognize a government in which they would not be a member.

At the press conference he held in Kirkuk, ITF President Turan made evaluations about the ongoing process in Iraq, where the government has still not been established, even though it has been about a year since the general elections.

Stating that they are in favor of a government in which all segments of the country will take part, Turan stated that they will not recognize this government if they do not take part in the new government as Turkmen.

Turan pointed out that Turkmen were not invited to the meetings attended by almost all political parties during the establishment of the new government in Iraq, and emphasized that a government without Turkmens is unacceptable.

Pointing out that the future of Kirkuk was also discussed in these meetings, Turan said, “If Turkmens do not take part in any decision regarding Kirkuk and its future, this decision is incomplete. Decisions about the future of the city should be taken before the United Nations.” he said.

Turan said that since 2003, policies similar to the ousted leader Saddam Hussein have been implemented against the Turkmen in Iraq, and that in the last 19 years, the Turkmen have not been able to take the position they deserve in the Iraqi administration.

Turan, who wanted Baghdad and Iraq to be stabilized as soon as possible, said that the decisions to be taken in an unstable country would not be healthy either. (AA)

Source From: Sozcu

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