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Reaction from Belarus to Western countries

Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei stated that Western countries should bear the responsibility for the blood spilled in Ukraine.

​Makei addressed the participants at the 77th United Nations (UN) General Assembly meetings in New York. Minister Makei pointed out that the main reason for the Russia-Ukraine War dates back to 30 years before the Cold War ended.

Stating that there were no official agreements in the said period, only a “gentleman’s agreement” was made, Makei argued that this paved the way for the West to guarantee its dominance.

In his speech, Makei referred to the principle of “indivisibility of security”, which requires that all members of the alliance act with the same feeling and give the same reaction when a NATO member state perceives a threat.

Emphasizing that Western countries violated the said principle with their drive to expand NATO, Makei said, “NATO and Western countries have ignored the legitimate security interests of both Russia and Belarus in their pursuit of eastward expansion.”

Makei noted that in addition to NATO’s attempt to encroach on some historic Eastern Slavs and nearby areas, it has been involved in “illegal wars” in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

That’s why, collectively, Western countries should bear the responsibility for the blood spilled in Ukraine, Makei said: “Many countries want to create a polycentric or multipolar world where nobody imposes their own vision, interests and values ​​on others.”

Makei pointed out that Western countries have increased energy and food prices due to the economic sanctions imposed on Russia.

Noting that Belarus can mediate a ceasefire and an inclusive peace agreement between Ukraine and Russia, Makei emphasized that there is no other option but to negotiate. (AA)

Source From: Sozcu

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