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Scary picture in coronavirus cases: sharp rise in hospitalizations

There has been a chilling picture of the coronavirus, which has killed over 6 million people worldwide. It turned out that there has been a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations in the UK, where case numbers have been low since early July.

According to Haber Global news, it has been determined that there is a 20% increase in hospitalizations due to Covid-19 in the country, according to official data. While authorities have called on people living in the country to receive a booster dose, they have asked people to stay home in case they fall ill.

Highlighting that the number of cases has increased over the past 7 days, authorities pointed out that 3,434 people were hospitalized in England last week, while the number rose to 4,015 this week, up 17%.


Senior Medical Adviser to the British Health Safety Agency, Dr. Susan Hopkins, “Although Covid-19 cases are still low, the number of hospitalizations is high. Those who have the opportunity to be vaccinated should be vaccinated because their immunity must be strengthened until the winter months. All the vaccines currently used allow Covid-19 to be benign. said.

Dr Hopkins, “As the weather gets colder, we will see that respiratory infections will increase. If you don’t feel well, don’t go out and meet people in the risk group. said.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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