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She put her nude photos up for sale to fund her election campaign

Peruvian politician Tess Garcia, 44, has announced her candidacy for local elections. The method Garcia chose to finance her election campaign was the hot topic.

Working as the first councilor of the La Banda de Shilcayo district municipality in Peru, 44-year-old Tess Garcia took action to be re-elected, this time with the support of the Union Regional movement.

The Peruvian politician chose an interesting method to finance his election campaign and put his sexy photos up for sale on his OnlyFans account. Speaking to local media, Garcia said: “I was fed up with the usual politics and chose this path as an entrepreneur, thinking that we deserve change.” said. Noting that he has an OnlyFans account since the corona virus pandemic, Garcia said, “This way, I managed to draw attention to me in a short time.”

While it was announced that the monthly access to the photos of Garcia, who earned the money for the election campaign from OnlyFans, is $ 20 (approximately 370 TL) for one person, he did not clearly share his total income from here.


Noting that Garcia and Union Regional’s campaigns are serious, he said that it is time to implement different proposals. While stating that he wanted to win the elections, Garcia said, “I am planning beautiful projects that will improve the quality of life of all my neighbors.”

TikTok viral: ¿Quién es Tess García Santa María, la postulante a regidora en Tarapoto que busca votos en OnlyFans?  |  LOL La Republica

While Garcia defines the region he lives in as ‘country’ compared to the capital Peru, I saw that many girls from ‘Lima’ have OnlyFans accounts. I wanted to show everyone that such brave people can get out of here.” said.

Garcia’s outburst has been compared to former congressman Susy Diaz, who was condemned by the nation’s clergy in 1995 after she showed the country the number 13 tattoo on her left hip, which indicated which part of the ballot she wanted voters to mark.

Source From: Sozcu

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