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Royal ‘unwanted bride’ Meghan Markle: My favorite holiday destination is Istanbul

Prince Harry’s wife and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, who created controversy with her accusations against the British Royal Family, could not finish praising Istanbul in the article she shared on her blog. Markle stated that Istanbul, which she says is her “favorite holiday destination”, is a magnificent place with its sweets and eye-catching buildings.

Prince Harry’s US actress wife, Meghan Markle, who created a great controversy with the accusations of racism against the British Royal Family, announced that her favorite place for vacation is Istanbul.

Duchess of Sussex Markle, who is known to take vacations frequently before joining the Royal Family, described Istanbul as a wonderful place with “shopping centers, sweets and glamorous buildings” in the article she shared on her blog. Stating that Istanbul is both easily accessible and cheap, Markle said that Istanbul is a “vibrant city”. Stating that he is a travel lover, Markle noted that “the 48 hours he spent in Istanbul ranks first among his travel destinations”.

Meghan Markle, who gave her travel advice in her article, used the expressions “Istanbul with its Grand Bazaar, more than 3,000 mosques waiting to be discovered, carpets and baklava, neighborhoods full of culture, a must-see Turkish bath and, of course, the Bosphorus.” Markle stated that both sides of Istanbul are equally lively and that many things can be found together in the city.

The Duchess of Sussex, who wrote that she stayed in a luxury hotel in Beyoğlu during her visit, described the Turkish delight as “dizzying” and said, “It is worth every second.”

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