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The striking claim about the Nazi submarine in Argentina: Didn’t Hitler commit suicide?

The wreckage of the Nazi submarine that allegedly transported Adolf Hitler from Germany to South America has surfaced off the coast of Argentina.

A sunken submarine discovered off the coast of Argentina has allegedly been a “secret Nazi tool” that helped Adolf Hitler escape to South America.

The 80-metre-long wreck was discovered by members of the Missing Link group near Quequen, a port in central Argentina.

According to the news in Mirror, State-appointed divers visited the wreck and released their first images.

Built for debris that is 30 meters deepMoment reconnaissance work took six days and was completed by a team of 43 people.


Abel Basti, 66, leader of the Missing Link group, He believes that Hitler survived the Second World War and fled to Argentina, and he has also written books on it. He thinks that the wreckage found is also proof of his claims.

However, historians do not accept his claims, and some of his own group members also distanced themselves from him because of his claims.

Abel Basti…

Basti, who says that Hitler came to Argentina in 1945 instead of committing suicide, claims that the submarine was later destroyed by explosives.

Steven Woodbridge, a senior history lecturer at Kingston University in England, also said the submarine discovery was “very interesting” and could be “historically significant”. He did not accept the allegations, saying, “The allegations that Hitler escaped are complete nonsense, but they are repeated all the time.”

Source From: Sozcu

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