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Message from Greece to Turkey: We have nothing to fear

Kostas Karamanlis, Greek Minister of Infrastructure and Transportnon-military status Pony He visited the island and made statements on the agenda.

Karamanlis is against all kinds of threats and dangers. Greek Armed ForcesKnowing that he is ready, “We have nothing to fear” makes a statement.


Kostas Karamanlis, between Greece and Turkey “good neighborly relations” He expressed that he wanted to have it and that he believed in it.

Karamanlis, “The more Turkey insists on putting on the table revisionist scenarios, like the disarmament of the islands, which is reaching an unimaginable point, the more we will elevate our reputation. Greece wants a good neighborly relationship with Turkey and believes in it. would be better if Turkey shares it,” he said. Otherwise, it will open the evil on its own. He will be the loser. said.

Karamanlis said they are aiming for open communication channels with Turkey and are monitoring peace in the region, “They are ready to respond to all kinds of difficulties” Highlight.


Kostas Karamanlis, in the region of Greece “tension” not want, but on sovereignty and international law. “not a single concession will be made” Told.

Karamanlis, “Everything Turkey proposes is nonsense, except that the only difference that needs to be resolved is the continental shelf of the islands and the delimitation of the EEZ.” he said.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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