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Russia: Air and space forces hit military training centers in Chernihiv, Zhitomir and Lviv

Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkovof the Russian army UkraineHe gave information about his actions in .

Igor Konashenkov, Russian Air and Space Forcein Ukraine with high-precision weapons and Kalibr missiles Chernihiv 169th education union site in the Desna settlement in the area, jitomir 199th Airborne Forces Training Center in the Teterevka settlement in the region, Lviv He said the 184th Military Training Center was hit near Stariçi in the area and as a result of the attacks, the 65th and 66th Motorized Infantry Brigades and the 46th Airmobile Brigades lost their combat capabilities and that their transfer to the combat zone was therefore interrupted.

Konashenkov, as a result of attacks by Russian air combat tactical units, missile and artillery units, 286 areas with Ukrainian soldiers and technical vehicles, 62 areas with artillery positions, mykolaiv 2 command centers in the region, LuganskExpressing that 4 ammunition depots were destroyed in , he said that as a result of the attacks more than 720 Ukrainian nationalist forces were neutralized.

“Sprayed attack on SNAKE ISLAND”

Igor Konashenkov, again the Ukrainian army snake islandTo say that he had attempted an unsuccessful attack with planes and several rocket launchers, “After repelling the attack, the Pantsir-S air defense missile system and the Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 fighter jet and 12 rockets were hit in the air,” he said. he declared. used expressions.

Konashenkov, Luhansk with air defense missile systems, his son, Kharkov Noting that 8 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed in the regions of dnipro reported that a Ukrainian Mig-29 fighter jet was shot down in the Zelenodolsk settlement in the region.

Konashenkov too “To date, 215 aircraft, 132 helicopters, 1363 unmanned aerial vehicles, 350 air defense missile systems, 3 thousand 809 tanks and armored vehicles, 682 multi-barrel rocket launchers, 3 thousand 12 special military vehicles have been destroyed in Ukraine “, did he declare. said. he said.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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