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Turkey statement from Boris Johnson, who was having a hard time in his country

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose seat has been shaky in his country in recent weeks and has not fallen off the agenda, talked about Turkey by making a statement about the grain crisis triggered by the war between Russia and Ukraine.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose seat has been shaken recently and who lost his supremacy in the parliament last night, spoke about the grain crisis that broke out with the Russia-Ukraine war.

Making a statement to the British news agency Reuters, Johnson signaled that they can work on the extraction of grains from the south of Ukraine. With the occupation of Ukraine by Russia on February 24, the activity in the ports of the Kyiv administration came to a halt and more than 20 million tons of grain were left in the silos.

Many countries, including Turkey, stepped in to prevent a major food crisis. While Turkey wants to create a safe transit area with the United Nations, Ukraine and Russia, the Moscow administration complicates the situation by stipulating the lifting of the sanctions imposed by the West.

Making a statement on the subject, Johnson said, “There is work to be done. “We are now looking at what we can do by working with the Turks and other European friends and allies,” he said. Johnson also expressed that the UK is considering all possibilities and options.

Source From: Sozcu

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