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Vaccines: They prevented 20 million deaths from coronavirus worldwide

80% of prevented deaths are attributed to immediate protection against coronavirus and 20% to reduced transmissibility

Covid-19 vaccines saved approximately 19.8 million lives worldwide in the first year of the vaccination program (December 2020-December 2021), according to a new international scientific study.

Most deaths due corona It is estimated that they were prevented by vaccines in high- and middle-income countries (12.2 million). Another 600,000 deaths would have been avoided if the World Health Organization (WHO) target of vaccinating 40% of each country’s population had been met by the end of 2021 – something that did not materialize.

The data of the study

The researchers, led by Dr. Oliver Watson of Imperial College London and published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, analyzed data from 185 countries. The mathematical modeling study estimates that vaccines reduced deaths that would otherwise have occurred by 63% (31.4 million).

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79% of prevented deaths (15.5 million) are attributed to immediate protection of vaccines against serious illness, while the remaining 21% (4.3 million deaths) are due to indirect protection of vaccines due mainly to reduced coronavirus transmission .

Two-thirds of the world’s population has taken a dose

“Our findings provide the most comprehensive assessment to date of the significant global impact of vaccination on the Covid-19 pandemic,” Watson said. He added, however, that “millions of lives were probably saved because vaccines became available everywhere, regardless of a country’s wealth. But more could have been done. “If the WHO targets had been met, we estimate that about one in five lives lost to Covid-19 in low-income countries could have been saved.”

Since the start of coronavirus vaccination (December 8, 2020), almost two-thirds of the world’s population (66%) has taken at least one dose. The WHO goal was to have 70% of the world’s population fully vaccinated by mid-2022. Despite the rapid rate of vaccinations, more than 3.5 million deaths from Covid-19 have been reported worldwide.

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