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Another shock to Boris Johnson: Party chairman resigns

The shock created by the “partygate” scandal in England continues. In a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Conservative Party Chairman Oliver Dowden said, “The parliamentary midterm elections were the last example of bad results for our party. Someone should take responsibility” and resigned.

Oliver Dowden, head of the ruling Conservative Party in England, resigned amid repeated electoral defeats.

In his resignation letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Dowden said, “Yesterday’s parliamentary midterm elections were the latest example of bad results for our party. Our supporters are stressed and disappointed by the latest developments. I share their feelings,” he said. “Someone should take responsibility,” said Dowden, adding that things could not continue as normal at the party.


Johnson said in a statement this morning that he would listen to the voters but “go on.”

Prime Minister Johnson’s party, which has been under pressure to resign due to the parties given in the Prime Minister’s office during the Covid restrictions, lost hundreds of seats in many municipalities in the local elections held in the UK last month. The Conservative Party, lastly, suffered a heavy defeat in two by-elections.

Prime Minister Johnson won the confidence vote in the Conservative Party parliamentary group earlier this month for violating the Covid-19 rules, but the reactions within the party did not subside.

Source From: Sozcu

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