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Nigerian President Buhari: Increase in attacks on churches is unacceptable

Garba Shehu, Spokesperson for the Nigerian PresidentAccording to the written statement made by Nigerian President Mohammed Buharimakes an assessment of the security problems in the country.

Mohammad Buhari, wave Recalling the attack on a church in Kaduna State and the security concerns in Kaduna State, NigeriaHe said the country enjoys religious freedom and the enemies of the country want to play people against each other.

Bukhari pointed out that the increasing attacks on churches in recent times are unacceptable, “We will not let them (the attackers). The nation will not be distracted or divided by these clearly planned and politically motivated attacks.” used the expression.

President Buhari stressed that Muslims, Christians and people of other faiths should come together for the unity and solidarity of the country, “Let’s show that we won’t be divided by cowards who try to divide us along religious lines. Let’s show that we will continue to value what we share while respecting everyone’s differences.” made his assessment.

Buhari also pledged that perpetrators of violence in the states will be brought to justice, noting that security and intelligence forces continue to make efforts.

In the attack carried out by the gunmen against the faithful of the Catholic Church in the Owo region of Ondo State on June 5, 1940, and in the attacks on the two churches in the Kajuru region in the Kaduna State on June 19, 3 people were killed and 36 people abducted.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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