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Russian Navy orders to completely block Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea to block grain exports

The Russian navy has been ordered to mine the Black Sea ports of Odessa and Oceac and has already done so with the Dnieper River, according to recently declassified US information quoted by The Guardian. All as part of Russia’s blockade on grain exports from Ukraine.

“The United States has information that the Black Sea Fleet has orders to effectively block the Ukrainian ports of Odessa and Oceac. We can confirm that, despite Russia’s public claims that it does not exploit the northwestern Black Sea, Russia is actually placing me in the Black Sea, near Oceac. We also have indications that Russian forces have previously mined the Dnieper River, “said a US official.

“The impact of Russia’s actions, which have halted maritime trade in the northern third of the Black Sea and made the region unsafe for navigation, cannot be underestimated, as Ukraine’s maritime exports are vital to global food security,” the official added. Ukraine supplied one-tenth of global wheat exports, and about 95 percent of those exports passed through Black Sea ports.

Alternative land routes are currently being considered, and the UK has provided technical expertise to Turkey, which has said it is willing to escort cargo ships across the Black Sea. However, Ankara officials said they had not yet been able to set up a meeting with Russian officials to discuss the convoys of grain.

At the same time, Washington has released satellite images showing the damage caused by the Russian missiles on June 4 on the Nika-Tera grain terminal near Mikolaiv, the second largest terminal of its kind in Ukraine.

“The picture clearly shows that the Russian invasion of Ukraine led to the destruction of three of the site’s grain silos, as well as the transport system that loads grain on ships. Due to the Russian attack, the export capacity of the grain terminal was reduced by at least a third “, the American official added.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the sunflower oil storage tanks in the southern city were attacked.

Kremlin officials have denied trying to trigger a global famine, but recently Margarita Simonian, head of Russia’s RT propaganda channel, suggested that this was Moscow’s strategy.

“The famine will start now and they will lift the sanctions and be friends with us, because they will realize that it is impossible not to be friends with us,” Simonian told the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

Photo: EPA

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