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Iranian Revolutionary Guard intelligence chief sacked

According to information from Iranian state television, the Iranian administration has dismissed Hussein Taeb, who is presented as one of the most influential figures in Iran’s security bureaucracy. The Iranian administration and the press did not share any information about the dismissal.

Taeb, who had been the intelligence chief of the Revolutionary Guards since 2009, has been touted as one of the most influential figures in Iran’s security bureaucracy.

According to Al Arabiya news, the Iranian administration has brought in the senior officer Mohammed Kazemi instead of Hussein Taeb.


Colonel Seyyad Hodayi of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Army died last month when he was attacked near his home on Mujahidin-i Islam Street in Tehran. Iran blamed Israel for the assassination in question, and the country’s president, Ibrahim Chief, issued a statement saying, “We will take revenge.”

Following this development, Israel addressed its citizens in Turkey. “leave the country” had warned. In the days following this warning, an operation was carried out against Iranians who were allegedly preparing to assassinate Israeli citizens in Istanbul, and it was announced that many Iranians were detained.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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