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NATO statement from a Turkish diplomatic source to the British press: “Finland maybe, Sweden is difficult…”

British Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss and the Minister of Defense Ben Wallace; He came to Turkey to talk about suppressing dissent on Turkey, Sweden and Finland joining NATO.

Middle Eastern eyesSenior Turkish diplomatic source spoke to (MEE); He pointed out that he is a deputy close to the PKK/YPG line in the Swedish parliament, but that Finland has no such internal problems and, unlike Sweden, does not supply heavy weapons to the organization. terrorist. The Turkish source therefore claims that the Finnish case can be solved much more easily than Sweden. suggested.


Turkish diplomatic source, “We obviously hope that all parties can reach an agreement allowing Finland and Sweden to join NATO” Despite his statement, it was stressed that progress on the issue is not expected before the NATO summit to be held in Madrid from June 28-30.

Turkish authorities made similar statements last month, citing Sweden’s supply of arms to terror groups in northern Syria, “Sweden and Finland should stop supporting terrorist groups if they don’t want Ankara to veto their NATO membership application” had called.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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