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Global civil aviation is facing one of the greatest crises in history

The airline crisis first erupted in England. The crisis that started at Gatwick, one of England’s busiest airports, has gradually spread across the country. Easyjet, Ranair and finally British Airways canceled thousands of flights and millions of passengers suffered from this disruption.

The crisis, which was experienced before the start of the intense summer months, reached such a level that there were even deaths at the airport due to lack of staff. A disabled passenger who needed to be accompanied wanted to move alone because there was no staff member, he fell down the stairs and died. For weeks, the headlines of the British press have been filled with news of the victims whose flights have been canceled and the piles of suitcases at the airport.


While all of this was happening, the strikes that began in Europe, notably in the Netherlands and Belgium, also dealt a severe blow to the sector. Finally, 240 flights were canceled and 13,000 tickets were canceled after Amsterdam Airport Schiphol decided to restrict it due to lack of staff and density.

Easyjet workers based in Spain have decided to go on strike next month. In many countries across Europe, hundreds of holidaymakers have struggled to return home over the festive period due to flight disruptions.

Just before the tourist season, a big problem is on the doorstep of Turkey… Similar problems encountered in the USA, especially in Europe, seem to announce a new travel restriction. THY Managing Director Bilal Ekşi revealed that THY was also involved in the crisis with his statement about it. Making a statement about this on his official Twitter address, THY Managing Director Bilal Ekşi said: “The lack of staff and airspace density in European airports, the delays in airspace European increased by about 4 times compared to previous weeks. We try to reduce these delays to which all airlines are exposed. “We appreciate your understanding” and announce that THY passengers will also be affected by the disruptions.

Uğur Bulut, Managing Director of Edwin Holldays, one of the UK’s leading ATOL-certified Turkish travel agencies, compared the distress experienced during the pandemic period and commented on the “global crisis”.

Cloud, people are afraid to travel. There are flights that have been canceled 10 days in a row. The aviation industry is losing blood because of people who go to the airport every day and come back without being able to travel. “Some governments seem happy about this, because citizens who cannot travel abroad may think they will have to take a vacation in their country and the money will not leave the country, but the collapse of the country. aviation industry will take the world through time.”

With the school holidays in Europe, expats in particular will enter a difficult period on their way to Turkey. Travel experts warn those who will travel. They list the measures to be taken in order to be affected as little as possible by the crisis:

  • For international travel, you must be at the airport at least 2 hours before. However, during this process, be at the airport at least 3-3.5 hours before your flight due to crowds and long lines. Airlines do not accommodate missed planes due to density.

  • Be sure to work with a travel agency. The lack of personnel in the airlines makes it difficult to find a contact person.

  • Check the web pages of the airlines you are buying tickets from and follow the latest developments regarding your flight.

  • Avoid connecting flights. Especially due to non-connecting flights, you may stay in another country and your trip may turn into a nightmare.

  • Extra flights are the most canceled flights, pay attention to this when buying tickets

Source: Cumhuriyet

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