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Strong reaction to Sweden from the politician Ankara wants extradition

Emine Kakabaveh, a Swedish-Kurdish MP whom President Erdogan wants extradited to Turkey, made new statements against Turkey. Kakabaveh, who was not a candidate in the elections held in Sweden yesterday, spoke about Prime Minister Andersson’s statement that “We will not hand over any Kurdish citizen of Sweden to Turkey”.

Emine Kakabaveh, the Kurdish-born Swedish deputy who wanted her extradition to Turkey and created a crisis between Turkey and Sweden, made new statements about Turkey.

Speaking to Rudaw, the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government-based publication, Kakabaveh said, “Until Turkey fully approves Sweden’s membership in NATO, all parties on the right and left must accept Ankara’s demands.”

‘Kurds sold to erdogan’

Regarding Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson’s statement, “We will not hand over any Kurdish citizen of Sweden to Turkey,” Kakabaveh said, “This is not a guarantee. If you think about it, you will ask this question. Why did they come to an agreement with Turkey only over the Kurds? Why did they sign an agreement that was completely against the Kurds? Even if they make a thousand promises after this time, it won’t help because they sold the Kurds to Erdogan. Latter; There are Kurds who are here today and have been refugees for 10 years. So what will they do? Will they be handed over just because Erdogan asked for it?” he said.

Kakabaveh spoke to the Rudaw TV newsletter.

Emine Kakabaveh, “Will the Swedish government’s attitude towards Turkey’s demands change after the elections?” He replied, “No, I think they follow the same path. Until Turkey fully approves Sweden’s membership in NATO, both left and right parties must accept Ankara’s demands. It was thought that the Left Party would oppose Turkey’s demands, but neither did they. A little bit of the Greens are against it, but it is weak too.”

Kakabaveh, who was not a candidate in the elections held yesterday in Sweden, said, “I will not be in the parliament this term, but I will continue to do politics. Before me, there were no Kurds who were so active in politics. But today, there are many Kurdish candidates, there are good candidates both in the parliament and in the municipalities,” he said.

The Kurdish politician said, “We supported the Social Democrats in the past, but their attitude towards the Kurds has become clear. Left parties turned right. All the parties that wanted the votes of the poor turned to the center. In fact, the leaders of the parties that strongly oppose NATO and Erdogan’s demands said that they would eventually come to terms with this situation.

Source From: Sozcu

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