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Release of ‘Zaporizhia’ by President Grossi from the IAEA: the military activity around it is worrying

President of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Mariano Grossi Russia and Ukraine disturbing conflicts due to the war between Zaporizhia nuclear power plantHe left Ukraine after his visit to

Expressing concern over military activities and physical disruption in the area, Grossi said the facility has begun to reopen.

Magnified, IAEA He stressed that it was important for his team to be in Zaporizhia.


Grossi said a 14-person IAEA team visited the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in Ukraine and some team members will stay there and continue their duties, “As you know, we went there with our 14-person agency team. That includes me and the experts from the Department of Security and Nuclear. Today some of us came back, 6 from The team stayed on site. They will continue the work we started yesterday. Later, we will continue our permanent presence with our 2 experts. “We will continue to do so. it’s important that the agency is there all the time.” he said.


Rafael Mariano Grossi “We have chosen a very experienced team. I assure you that we will always have the necessary knowledge and security. It is very important that the IAEA is there, but I do not want to exaggerate our presence, pretend that we will end this terrible “What we are doing there is stabilizing nuclear security.” said.

Responding to the question whether it is a security issue for the rest of the team to stay in Zaporizhia, Grossi said: “I would never send anyone to a place where I haven’t been myself, he replied. I hope we won’t be there all the time. I hope we get back to normal. “ he added.

Grossi said being physically present in Zaporozhye is different, “We knew a lot before too, but of course it is being inspected now. We are trying to do a thorough assessment of the current situation. I hope to have a report as soon as I see the full picture of the situation early next week.” used his statements.


Rafael Mariano Grossi said the IAEA team saw military activity around the facility. “The physical integrity of the facility has been violated not once, but multiple times. This is by no means acceptable” said.

Grossi also said there was a lot of conflict in the region in general, “Mobility and military operations are increasing in the region, and that worries me a great deal. There are references to attacks and counter-attacks. statistic of more physical attacks”. What we see with an increase in military activity is that physical integrity is more compromised. makes a statement.

On the other hand, Grossi also said that the military presence in the region has not come into contact with the IAEA.


Expressing that he has observed physical interruptions in some facility connections and some systems that are still not fully installed, Grossi said: “This has been one of the main points regarding the operational working conditions of the staff. It still remains one of the main areas of concern” said.

Highlighting the importance of the facility’s reactor cooling systems, Grossi pointed out that failure of these systems could cause a major accident.

Grossi also said the facility continues to be open and has started working again.


Grossi again underlined the importance of the IAEA’s presence in Zaporizhia, “The nuclear experts at the plant know what they’re doing. But of course there’s a hidden tension there too, because of the obvious reasons for the war. And again, I think our presence there has great added value, because we can interact with people frequently. People know that IAEA staff are there. That’s why I think this value that we have is very important” makes a statement.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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