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The Swedish deputy that Erdogan wanted extradited announced: The government promised to support terrorist organizations

Tensions continue between Turkey and the Scandinavian countries, which hinder Sweden and Finland’s desire to join NATO after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine… Swedish deputy Emine Kakabaveh, to whom President Erdogan reacted, received the promise she received in exchange for saving the government in the no-confidence vote in the country yesterday. announced for the first time.

While the NATO tension between Turkey and Sweden continued, a remarkable previous vote was made. In the vote of no confidence that would cause the Swedish government to fall, the country’s justice minister, Morgan Johansson, was supported by Swedish politician Emine Kakabaveh.

At a time when the votes were equal in the parliament, Kakabaveh supported the minister of justice and voted in this way. If Kakabaveh voted against, the fall of the Swedish government was considered certain.

However, for the first time, Kakabaveh shared with the public the promises he received from the Stockholm government in return for casting this vote. Kakabaveh, who continues her duty as an independent deputy, said, “In return for voting in this way, I received the Swedish government’s guarantee to continue supporting the Kurdish ‘warriors’ in northeast Syria.”


Kakabaveh, who was involved with terrorist organizations for a while, said, “Unfortunately, all European countries remain silent against Erdogan, but I will not.” Kakabaveh, who fled to Sweden via Turkey in 1991, said: “I managed to get the guarantee that the Social Democrats would provide support to the northeast of Syria, the YPG and the YPJ.” The YPG and YPJ terrorist organization Kakabaveh mentioned are known as extensions of the PKK.

Kakabaveh, who has been in politics in Sweden since 2008, had previously made demands to remove the terrorist organization PKK from the list of terrorist organizations.

Source From: Sozcu

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