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A 7 million euro yacht burned like a torch in a port in England, then sank

A super-yacht anchored in the port of Toquay in England sank on Saturday after catching fire for reasons yet to be determined. The boat burned like a torch, the fire being maintained by the nine tons of diesel that were on board, according to the Environment Agency, quoted by the BBC.

Witnesses said that first there was a bang, then huge flames and a huge column of black smoke rose in the Princess Pier marina.

No one was reported injured, Devon and Cornwall police said. Emergency services reported a major incident, and officers evacuated a beach and nearby roads. The boat, which police said broke off, was secured by the fire service near the marina of the marina before sinking.

A 7 million euro yacht burned like a torch in a port in England, then sank
Photo: Profimedia

The Environment Agency (EA) said it was believed to have about nine tonnes of diesel on board. A police spokesman said nearby residents should keep their doors and windows closed “due to the level of smoke and vapors.” He added that the cause of the fire had not yet been discovered.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but authorities are now focusing on the possible pollution caused by the incident.

The super-yacht was called “Rendezvous”, was built in 2010 and was moored in the harbor for at least a month. According to the British press, the yacht would be worth around 6 million pounds (over 7 million euros)

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