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The Chinese navy intervened: the exercise took place in the Yellow Sea

chinese navyin the north of the country The yellow seathe largest destroyer in its inventory LhasaIt was reported that he organized a military exercise in which he took part.

According to local media, “Type 055” class, guided missile destroyer, “Type 056A” class three corvettes “high-low mix” performed targeted exercises.

In state broadcaster CCTV news, which included the footage, it was stated that anti-aircraft, anti-ship and anti-submarine drills were carried out during the 3-day exercise, at the in which other ships, submarines, early warning planes and helicopters also participated.

In the news, it was noted that the trainings aimed to test the joint movement capabilities of different types of ships in a complex electromagnetic environment.

The South China Morning newspaper also reported on the opinion of military experts, saying the exercise may have been designed under a combat scenario with weaker regional adversaries.


8th Chinese Navy in 2017–20 “Type 055” and more than 70 in the last 10 years “Type 056” and “Type 056A” commissioned the warship.

Joined the navy in January, his name Tibet Autonomous Regioncity ​​area, which is the center of Lhasa Destroyerto the US Navy with a weight of 12,000 tons “DDG-1000” membership type Zumwalt After the Destroyer “the second most powerful destroyer in the world” known as.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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