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Chile: tribute to murdered journalist, ends in riots

Riots in Santiago following a tribute to journalist Francisca Sandoval who died on Thursday after being shot in the head while covering a march on May 1.

A group began to light a barricade on the sidelines of the peaceful candlelight and photo vigil. About 200 people attended the call that was made through social networks to honor the memory of Sandoval, 30 years old.

Sandoval’s family has asked to avoid violence and not release any information about the funeral location to protect their orphaned young daughter.

Sandoval received a bullet in the head when there were strong incidents during a march on May 1 and some entered commercial premises and clashed with merchants.

A group of street vendors came out to confront the protesters with shots that hit three people, but it was Sandoval who got the worst of it.

In the Meiggs neighborhood, informal commerce is controlled by mafias that rent sections of the street, a new phenomenon in the area.

Chile is experiencing its worst public security crisis where acts of vandalism are mixed in the midst of social protests, an increase in drug trafficking groups in poor sectors of the country and a greater presence of firearms without legal possession among civilians.

Source: Elespectador

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