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Mexico: Father of Debanhi Escobar asks to investigate leak of second autopsy | news today

This second report, requested by the family, indicates that Debanhi was hit several times with a “blunt agent in the head” and died before reaching the motel cistern.


After knowing the second forensic report that reveals that Debanhi Escobar was a victim of sexual abuse and was murdered, her father, Mario Escobar, assured that he no longer trusts the Nuevo León State Prosecutor’s Office. He added that he called for legal action against those who leaked the result of this second report.

Debanhi18, died of a blow to the head and was found in the underground water tank of a motel, 12 days after she disappeared after attending a party.

“We express deep sadness, for what is happening in this country, how the media and the Attorney General of the State of Nuevo León are handled, they have just leaked information from the autopsy that we independently requested,” Mario Escobar said in a video posted on social media.

“What is the Prosecutor’s Office doing that I trusted, I trusted they were going to do things right, they were afraid and I tell the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office: that’s why they don’t believe them, because they are corrupt,” Debanhi’s father added. . “I demand that if the prosecutor or the deputy prosecutor are leaking that information, I want their head, that they leave and get out of here,” Escobar said.

A report by the newspaper El País, which had access to the second forensic report, indicates that the opinion, which reviews the first official autopsy, rules out an accident, a line of investigation that the Nuevo León State Prosecutor’s Office has followed.

This second report, requested by the family, indicates that Debanhi was hit several times with a “blunt agent in the head” and died before reaching the motel cistern. “This is a violent homicidal death,” the report notes, which also indicates that the body of the young woman presented “traces of a violent sexual relationship.”

The report coincides with the first autopsy in which the cause of death was an “intercranial hemorrhage”, but details that the young woman has several head injuries and not just one, as the official report suggests, highlights the newspaper El País.

On April 27, the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office dismissed the prosecutor specializing in Missing Persons and the Anti-kidnapping prosecutor, Rodolfo Salinas and Javier Caballero, respectively, who headed the case, for serious “omissions and errors” in the investigation.

The removal occurred after it was found that the search groups searched the motel up to four times and did not find the body, which, however, was later located inside a cistern in the courtyard of the building.

Debanhi’s parents met this Friday with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who promised them justice after learning of a private autopsy. “I spoke with them and made a commitment to help clarify what happened and to ensure that there is no impunity,” said the president on a visit to the city of Monterrey (state of Nuevo León, north), where the incident occurred.

“They are very good people, a teacher, his wife, and as parents they are very hurt, broken,” added López Obrador during his usual morning conference on the meeting with Mario Escobar and Dolores Bazaldúa.

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