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US military moves to new bases in Greece

As Greece approved the mutual defense cooperation agreement, which was signed with the United States in Washington in October 2021, in parliament yesterday, the parties decided to deepen and broaden their cooperation in the field of defense with the agreement.

In the agreement, Volosjewelry gift Georgula Barracks, lithohorushooting range at Alexandroupolijewelry gift Yannuli Barracks and water based, is one of the fields that the United States can use. Thus, on May 28, 1969, under the command of a petty officer 1st class, 16 personnel were opened in the USA. Crete3 new bases have been added to the Suda base in ‘.


The Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement with the United States, in which the parties mutually undertake to protect the security, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the other against acts that threaten the peace, including armed attack or threat of aggression, signed by the United States and Greece on July 8, 1990, and This is a continuation of the agreement that entered into force in November 1990.

In the update made in October 2021, it is specified that the agreement was signed for 5 years and will be extended automatically if one of the parties does not indicate that they want to leave the agreement 2 years before the end of the agreement. deal.

In the agreement, it is stipulated that if the parties mutually agree and within the framework of the relevant internal procedures, it is possible for the United States to benefit from the installations of the Greek armed forces in other regions.

The names of Georgula Barracks in Volos, Shooting range in Litohoru, Yannuli Barracks in Alexandroupoli and Suda Base, which were opened for US use, are also mentioned in the October 2021 update .


119 in the Greek Parliament “Nope” 181 against the game “Yeah” The automatic extension of the agreement, which was ratified by the parties 2 years ago, unless otherwise specified by the parties, has provoked a reaction from the opposition in Greece.

While the opposition said the deal was extended indefinitely, the government gave 2 years notice for the cancellation of the deal, “indefinite” argues that it violates the concept.

Despite Greece’s will in this direction, the refusal of the United States to establish a base on the Aegean island of Iskiri is another factor highlighted by the opposition.

The leader of the main opposition party, the Radical Left Alliance (SYRIZA), Aleksis Tsipras, who spoke during the parliamentary talks on the agreement, said: “The United States, on the one hand, wants to assess Greece for its operations, but on the other hand, it does not interfere with the islands in any way so as not to interfere with Turkish-Greek problems.” He drew attention to this US preference with his assessment.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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