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Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov: No talks and dialogue have any effect

Ukrainian Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov stated that Russia’s military power is not as much as it is thought and Ukraine has shown this to everyone, and said, “Ukraine has broken the taboos on Russia’s military power.”

While Russia’s attacks against Ukraine continue, Ukraine continues its resistance against Russia. Ukrainian Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov, in a statement on his social media account, stated that Russia does not have the military power as it is thought, and that Ukraine has proven this to the whole world.


Reznikov addressed the countries of the world, “Hello. Today, I am calling not only to the leaders of the free world, but also to the citizens of all countries of the world. 2 weeks ago the world changed. Russia openly attacked Ukraine. People of the world, do not be afraid. Look like Ukraine. Because Ukraine broke the taboos on Russia’s military power, which frightened the world. But it didn’t scare us. We will fight and we will win. “The Ukrainians will show that a free world is not afraid of a tyrant hiding in a bunker.”


Reznikov stated that the civilian areas were under the attacks of Russia and continued his words as follows:

* The Kremlin is fighting against our people. This is happening in the center of Europe. Rockets fly for miles and harm the civilian population. Our cities today are your cities tomorrow. No conversation or dialogue has any effect. The Kremlin doesn’t care about your efforts and the laws of the world. International organizations do not disturb him, they cannot prevent him. Russian soldiers act cowardly.

* Russian invaders destroyed 200 schools, 34 hospitals and more than 1,500 civilian settlements in 11 days. 38 children were killed, 70 children were injured. While more than 400 civilians lost their lives, more than 800 of our citizens were injured. The enemy embarked on a massacre against Ukraine. More than 400 thousand people were taken prisoner in the city of Mariupol alone. These people are attacked with planes and artillery. They are hitting the humanitarian corridors created for evacuations. They shoot what they promised to send with evacuation. This is a war crime.


Reproaching international organizations, Reznikov said, “The Russians are killing the European civilian population. Where are your values? Where is the work of international organizations that spend billions of dollars? All are hidden. I remind you that more than ten thousand foreign students are at risk in Ukraine. More than 2,000 are now captured. Most of the students taken captive are from countries such as India and China. Young people are imprisoned in Chernigovda, Sumi, Kherson, Mariupol. The Russians are hitting these cities. They are at war with the whole world,” he said.

Source From: Sozcu

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