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Injured by the father-in-law of the football player Kokorin spoke about the conflict

“Morally it did not pass without a trace”

A well-known entrepreneur, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SearchInform Lev Matveev told MK about the consequences of the conflict with the father-in-law of football player Alexander Kokorin. According to the injured head of the Skolkovo resident company, the attacker crippled him morally, but not physically.

Let us remind you that on November 15, in the elite village of Nikologorskoye, a man very similar to the father of Kokorin’s wife, businessman Ruslan Valitov, damaged Matveyev’s car after a road conflict and fled.

– Did you know the attacker earlier? If so, how can you characterize it?

– No, I didn’t know the attacker before.

– Because of what, in your opinion, the conflict arose?

– There are no comments about the motives for the attack – the competent authorities will figure it out.

– How did Ruslan Valitov, who attacked you, behave? Were there any threats and insults from his side? If so, which ones?

– The video shows that the attacker showed aggression.

– How did the conflict end? Did the police arrive quickly? Did you neutralize the aggressor on your own or with the help of the police?

– The attacker left in his car, the police arrived within an hour.

– Are you hurt?

– Physically not, morally, of course, it did not go unnoticed.

– How badly was the car damaged? Will it require repairs, if so, what kind? Is the car insured?

– Damaged right mirror and hood.

– What are your further actions?

– Since such aggressive and unacceptable behavior of a resident of the village can be a threat in the future to both my family and other neighbors, it was decided to contact the police for a civilized resolution of the conflict.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28668 of November 18, 2021

Newspaper headline:
Kokorin’s father-in-law fouls on the oligarch


Source From: MK

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