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The circumstances of the fatal poisoning in Egypt of the top manager of Mosoblgaz are disclosed

The family was vacationing in Sharm el-Sheikh

Details of the holiday in Egypt of the fatally poisoned top manager of Mosoblgaz Kirill Yegorov have become known. The man died, his wife and two 5-year-old sons were hospitalized in serious condition.

Yegorov’s father is a former military man, he served in the missile forces, after retirement he was engaged in insurance. Kirill Lvovich once worked at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Khimki region, not so long ago he moved to work at Mosoblgaz.

Recently, Kirill and his wife Alla have traveled frequently. They bought a ticket to Egypt about two weeks after departure. They hoped to unwind after the bereavement: in early September, Yegorov’s father died of cancer.

The family stayed at the five-star Rixon Hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh. Judging by the stories of Yegorov, the rest was wonderful: the family played volleyball on the beach, went on excursions, feasted on fruit. Cyril himself did not mention any health problems. Moreover, on the 15th, when the family had already returned to Russia, Egorov confirmed that they had a very good rest.

On November 16, Kirill promised to call in Lobnya, to his stepmother – to pick up his father’s “Ford”. However, at the appointed hour, he did not arrive and did not get in touch anymore. Yegorov’s wife contacted her mother and in the conversation mentioned that her husband and one of the sons complained of stomach pains. When the family stopped answering calls, Cyril’s brother arrived in a cottage community in the Domodedovo District. Together with the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, he opened the door and found the owner dead, and his wife and children unconscious.

Investigators assume that the poisoning took place in Egypt, but for some reason one of the sons felt unwell before the others. At the same time, it is unlikely that the hotel became the site of the poisoning: in this case, there would be much more victims. Therefore, the experts intend to find out how and what the Yegorovs ate outside the hotel. By the way, in the hotel itself, they turned to the hotel doctor for insurance, and on his recommendation they bought a number of local medicines.


Source From: MK

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