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‘Gold-plated’ iPhone 13 collection, which can be loaded with HES code, is introduced

Accessory manufacturer Caviar, known for coating smartphones with precious metals such as gold and selling them at astonishing prices, came up with an interesting collection again. The company brought together the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models, which were introduced in September 2021, with a different perspective on the global pandemic that broke out towards the end of 2019.


As known; With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, various measures have been taken all over the world, including Turkey. At the beginning of these are the HES code, vaccine certificate and test results.

Setting off with this concept, Caviar has recently launched the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models with 18 carat gold QR codes on the back, under the name of Digital Signature collection. Thus, vaccination certificate and HES codes can be processed on the back of smartphones with a QR code made of gold.

According to the news of Shift Delete; The Digital Signature collection is not just a HES code and vaccination certificate. If users wish; It can operate many imaginable things such as business cards, websites and social media accounts on the back of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models with a QR code from the bottom.

Photo: Caviar


The Digital Signature collection went on sale with three different luxury options.

The first and least expensive are the Phone 13 Pro and Pro Max, whose back panel is made of titanium PVD coating and only the QR code is gold material. The price of this option starts at $6,220.

The second option is the QR Matrix with gold motifs and a QR code, inspired by the movie The Matrix, which was released last week. Its price is 6 thousand 370 dollars.

The third and most expensive option comes with the QR code and the entire back panel plated in gold. The price of this option starts at $ 35 thousand 370.

All options have different storage options and therefore pricing may vary.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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