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Scientists discover mysterious galaxy without ‘dark matter’

With the development of technology, space exploration gains an increasingly exciting dimension, and the veils of mystery behind some mysterious events are also being opened.

Finally, scientists discovered a new interesting formation in the universe.

According to the news in WebTekno; Three years ago, Flippo Fraternali, an astronomer at the University of Groningen’s Kapteyn Institute for Astronomy, and his research team came up with half a dozen very interesting galaxy formations. The researchers later realized from the data they obtained that the ‘dark matter’ density of these unusual and ‘scattered’ galaxies was extremely low compared to normal.


There are dozens of articles written so far about ‘dark matter’, which has a mysterious position in the scientific world. However, to summarize briefly, dark matter; It can be defined as the whole of the particles in the universe that do not reflect and emit light, cannot be viewed by any observation tool, but can be detected by the effect on the surrounding objects.


For a while, scientists saw dark matter as a ‘skeleton’ that holds the objects in the universe together. This skeleton was also thought to be an essential substance in the universe. However, this new discovery shows that dark matter does not have to be everywhere in the universe. In recent years, galaxy formations in which dark matter is present in very low proportions have been observed.

With this discovery made by Fraternali and his team, although there is no such thing as rewriting dark matter theories, it was once again revealed that more work needs to be done in this area with new question marks.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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