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Scientists were able to “revive” the organs of a dead pig an hour after death

American researchers from Yale University have developed OrganEx technology, which allowed an hour after the death of pigs to restore the functions of their heart, kidneys and liver. Scientists believe that they will subsequently be able to increase the availability of donor organs for transplantation.

As a result of circulatory arrest and lack of oxygen, a cascade of biochemical reactions is launched a few minutes after the death of the body. Because of them, the cells and organs of the body are destroyed.

Scientists at Yale University developed BrainEx technology three years ago and were able to restore some of the cellular functions in the brains of dead pigs. The brain is one of the most sensitive organs and is prone to ischemia, insufficient blood flow.

David Andrievich of Yale University explained that a long series of events occurs before cell death. If you intervene in this process, you can restore some cellular functions.

The new studies used OrganEx technology. Scientists caused cardiac arrest in anesthetized pigs and caused cardiac arrest. They then pumped a liquid through the body containing substances that maintain cell viability.

After six hours, key cell functions were preserved in many areas of the pigs’ bodies. Especially in the heart of the liver and kidneys. Scientists have detected cellular activity in some regions of the brain, but have not recorded electrical impulses. This means that consciousness in animals was absent.

Further research will continue after consultation with a bioethicist.

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