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The expert told how to extend the work of the smartphone in the cold

Using a headset, reducing talk time on the phone and a heating case will help prolong the operation of the smartphone in the cold, said an expert from the power bank rental service “Take a charge!” Sergei Birzhevoi.

In a commentary to RIA Novosti, Birzhevoy noted that in severe frost, a smartphone can lose charge even if there is an external power bank battery. According to him, low temperatures are an extreme condition for a smartphone battery.

“Use a headset – then the phone will be in your pocket, purse most of the time … Limit the time of conversations, after each conversation, the phone must be warmed up,” he said.

The expert advised to refrain from using the lithium-ion battery in the cold for more than 10 minutes, and recommended a special heating case.

Another way to conserve smartphone power in the cold Birzhevoy called the use of power saving mode, turning off the voice assistant, as well as the use of other services that reduce the load on the battery.

He also urged not to charge a completely dead phone or power bank immediately after returning home, and to let it warm up to normal temperature.

Source From: MK

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