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Man returns to the moon. “We can fly there in 3 days”

On November 16, the long-announced Artemis 1 mission was launched. SLS is the most powerful rocket in the history of mankind, which took off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and flew towards the Moon. Artur Chmielewski, director of planning future space missions, told Dzien Dobry TVN about the impact this event will have on the development of technology and about new ideas of NASA.

Artemis mission 1. A woman will be the first to land on the moon

More than 50 years after landing on the moon, humanity once again wanted to mark its presence there. As Artur Chmielewski explains, the reasons for returning to this particular cosmic space are completely different.

– We have changed our approach to the Moon. Then we flew to show the Russians that we are better. A political thing. Of course, there was a bit of science involved, a bit of technology. But now we’re flying for both scientific and commercial purposes. A woman will set the first foot in this new system on the moon – announces NASA’s future space mission planning manager.

The expert explains that the main assumption of the Artemis 1 mission is technology development. – We push engineers to do amazing things. This toy [telefon – przyp. red.] has 8 technologies without which it would not exist. Of these, 6 are from outer space – informs the specialist.

Will man go to Mars? These are the nearest plans of NASA

Artur Chmielewski confesses that NASA is preparing to organize a human flight to Mars as well. However, this trip will be much more difficult than the trip to the moon.

– We can go to the moon in 3 days. When you have a toothache, you can say: “Oh, I’m going back to the dentist in Warsaw”. And we’re going there for 7 months, (…) and when we land on Mars, the Earth is on the other side of the Sun. And that’s two years, so we have to wait a year on the surface, so there must be a base. This is a huge challenge – we hear from the lips of the planning manager for future space missions.

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