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Russian scientists have found a way to protect spacecraft from radiation

Russian scientists have found a way to make polymers more resistant to solar radiation. This will allow the use of new materials in space. The developers published the intermediate results of their research in the journal Polymer Degradation and Stability.

Research is being carried out at the Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics. First, the experts established the relationship between the heating of polymeric materials and their internal defects and damage. Then they took up the process of increasing the resistance of polymers to solar radiation.

The fact is that these materials are now used both on the skin of spacecraft, and on seals and in temperature-controlled coatings. If the device is in space for many years, then in addition to radiation, it is affected by a lot of other radiation. Materials are destroyed. The temperature inside rises sharply and significantly exceeds the permissible values. This affects the accuracy of the devices that the device carries.

It should be noted that Tomsk scientists conduct research in an environment as close as possible to outer space. All manipulations with samples take place under vacuum. The result is also evaluated. This avoids interaction with atmospheric gases and makes the study as accurate as possible.

Based on the results of the work, scientists expect to pick up nanoparticles that will act as a protection of polymers from radiation. Then, small changes will simply be made to the technology for the manufacture of polymeric materials for the space industry.

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