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Fraudsters impersonate ING and send emails with a dangerous application. How not to be deceived?

Cybercriminals are not idle. Once again, they send fake e-mails, this time impersonating the ING bank and phishing sensitive data. In the message, they send a link to a fake application. What is worth knowing? How not to be deceived?

Fraudsters impersonate ING

Scammers send e-mails impersonating ING Bank Śląski. The message reads that “the system has discovered that you have not yet installed our security app on your smartphone. For this reason, her account has been blocked. To unblock it, start the unblocking process. Once completed, all blocks will be lifted again.” Next, there is a link to an application that is used to phishing sensitive data.

However, this is not the only method, scammers also send a second message at the same time, which reads: “To continue to provide a secure payment network, we have developed a new mobile security application. Therefore, we had to block your bank account for some functions. So that you can reuse all function, collect all necessary steps for recovery.” Below the message there is a link under the words “Start Process”. The second message may be easier to spot as a scam because it contains language errors, but it is worth warning your loved ones.

How not to be deceived

First of all, you should not click on untrusted links. If we have doubts whether a given e-mail is genuine, it is always worth consulting the hotline of the company or bank from which we allegedly received the message. Below is a video of how the fake app works.

You should also not provide your data for your electronic banking account – login and password, as well as all sensitive data. If in doubt – contact your bank.

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