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YouTube doesn’t care about user opinions!

A new study has emerged on YouTube, one of the most popular content platforms. According to this Mozilla study, YouTube doesn’t care whether users click dislike or spam buttons. In other words, users continue to present them with “like content”, even if they say they don’t want it.

Great work for YouTube

The news in question was announced this week by a non-profit organization. Mozilla introduced a browser extension two years ago, and it shows just how unresponsive YouTube is when it comes to user searches and complaints.

The vast majority of users kept seeing the same content even though they didn’t like it or didn’t care. For example, YouTube, which shows more of such content to people who dislike gun and violence videos, on the other hand, constantly shows such content to its users who are not interested in crypto content.

The study puts the finger on this point. Despite the fact that the study said “do not recommend the channel to me”, users continued to see similar channels at a rate of 43%. On the other hand, only 29% of these videos were deleted, even if users clicked the “Delete from my watch history” button.

In contrast, despite clicking on the “dislike” or “not interested” options, 11% and 12% of users came across videos.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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