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New Instagram Feature: Obscene Photo Filter

Instagram to prevent users from being exposed to nude photos via private message “obscene photo filter” started working on the feature.

Meta pointed out that optional user controls, which are still under development, will help protect people from nude photos and other spam.

According to ShiftDelete News, the tech giant said these controls will be similar to the “Hidden Words” feature, which will allow users to automatically filter requests for messages containing certain words.

Software developer Alessandro Paluzzi shared a screenshot of the new feature on Twitter.

“We are working closely with experts to ensure these new features give people control over the messages they receive while protecting their privacy,” Meta spokeswoman Liz Fernandez said.

Explaining that they will announce the new feature in the coming weeks, Meta pointed out that the technology developed cannot be seen by third-party people and institutions.


However, last year the Pew Research Center released a report which found that 33% of women under 35 had been sexually harassed online.

Professor Clare McGlynn, an expert in image-based sexual abuse at Durham Law School, told HuffPost: “Some will come forward and say explicit photos are harmless. Everyone debates that it’s not not face to face, but you can’t categorize sex crimes that way.”The psychological damage of sex crimes is very significant and different forms of crime can have the same effect on different people,” he said.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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