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Meta will have to pay US$174 million for patent infringement

Meta is the parent company of Facebook. – Reference image


A Texas federal court jury found that the “live” mode Meta uses for Facebook Live and Instagram Live includes Voxer-proprietary technology.

The judicial process opened in the city of Austin last week. Meta, according to a spokesperson, seeks to appeal the decision: “we think that the evidence presented during the process shows that Meta did not infringe Voxer’s patents.”

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Voxer filed the complaints in 2020, assuring that the Californian group had used patented technology after the failure of a collaboration attempt between the two companies in 2012.

The mobile application allows “the transmission of communications, audio and video with the immediacy of direct and the reliability and ease of messaging”, according to demand, even in poor network conditions and even if the recipient is not available.

Voxer says he was contacted by Facebook shortly after the launch of their service in 2011, which was an “instant success.” The lawyers say that the company would then have given details of its technology to the social network, but “the meetings did not reach an agreement.”

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“Facebook then identified Voxer as a competitor, even though there were no live video or audio tools available at the time,” the complaint states.

“Facebook revoked Voxer’s access to key elements of the platform and launched Facebook Live in 2015 and then Instagram Live in 2016. The two products have Voxer technologies and violate their patents,” says the complainant.

Source: Elespectador

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