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Experts stress the importance of fighting digital addiction: conscious use is essential

Chairman of the Research Center for Social Media and Digital Security Education (SODİMER) Prof. Dr. Levent Eraslan said that the digital world has manifested itself in all fields in the past ten years and said that individuals have acquired different habits with digitalization. Eraslan said, “Especially people between the ages of 14 and 18 spend a lot of time in the digital world. Turks stare at glass screens 8 hours a day and sleep 8 hours a day. If action is not taken on digital addiction, big problems will arise. It is important to be a conscious user and to use technology when we need it. The prevention of digital addiction will go through the law, awareness and education. Especially in schools, this must be handled very clearly and the digital household culture must be applied at home. »


Eraslan noted that ministries have a major role in preventing digital addiction, but no programs or demands have been made. Eraslan said: “If measures are not taken, big problems will arise in the years to come. The Ministry of National Education offers a media education course. However, the subject of communication tools is not included in the course content, it should be rearranged accordingly”. Eraslan said parents should also be educated about digital addiction and said it is the duty of the Ministry of Family and Social Services to educate families, but no request has been made.


Hacettepe University Department of Computer and Pedagogical Technologies Lecturer Prof. Dr. Süleyman Sadi Seferoğlu also said that the devastating results of digitalization and use of technology are seen especially in children. Stating that young teenagers are victims of cyberbullying or cyberbullying with digital addiction, Seferoğlu said, “In online environments, the individual is at risk and threatened. Seeing sexually explicit photos, receiving sexually explicit messages, revealing bloody and violent content, being exposed to content related to drug use. Children face pornography, face abuse. Family problems are the main cause of addiction. Teenagers find the virtual environment more entertaining. In order to prevent them all, it is necessary to explain to our parents the effective and correct use of digital technologies. The question of how to become a digital parent must be answered.

According to research conducted by Globalwebindex in the third quarter of 2020, an average of 6 hours and 54 minutes per day is spent on the Internet worldwide. This includes social media, news channels, television and shopping. In Turkey, the time spent daily on the Internet is 7 hours 57 minutes.

According to the Globalwebindex report, the daily time spent on social media is 2 hours 25 minutes per person worldwide, and 2 hours 57 minutes in Turkey.

In TURKSTAT’s December 2021 report, internet usage among children aged 6-15 was 50.8% in 2013, while it was 82.7% in 2021.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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