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Scary Climate Change Scenario: “Sea Level Will Rise 80 Centimeters”

Mugla Metropolitan Municipality held a ceremony at Menteşe Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Cultural Center on the occasion of June 5, World Environment Day.Climate change and its effects in Muğla‘ panel has been created.

Coming to Muğla for the climate change panel Professor of the Faculty of Forestry of Istanbul University Prof. Dr. Doganay-Tolunayannounced that if action is not taken against climate change, the air temperature will increase by 5 to 5.5 degrees, sea water levels will rise by 80 centimeters and rainfall will decrease by 30%.


Stating that if no action is taken against climate change, the temperature in Turkey will rise by 5 to 5.5 degrees and the sea level will rise by 80 centimeters in 100 years. Dr. Tolunay,One of the most significant effects of climate change is the increased frequency, severity and duration of events such as extreme weather events, such as floods, droughts, floods, storms, forest fires, avalanches and landslides. When we look at Turkey, there are things we call the future scenario. If we continue as we do today, we will continue without taking any precautions, even without reducing greenhouse gas emissions like the world. We call this the worst case scenario. Going this route, temperatures could rise by 4.5 degrees globally after 100 years, and by around 5.5 degrees in Turkey.” said.

“There will be a 30% decrease in rainfall”

Stating that rainfall varies from region to region in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Doganay Tolunay, “Especially in the Black Sea region, an increase in precipitation is expected. Even on the Black Sea coasts on the Marmara Coast, we may encounter more floods due to increased heavy rains. We will see decreases in precipitation in the rest of Turkey, especially in Central Anatolia, in the Southeastern Anatolia region, and even in a significant part of Eastern Anatolia, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean, under the worst-case scenario, we will see decreases in rainfall of 20-30 percent.” said.


teacher. Dr. Tolunay said if precipitation decreases and temperatures increase, evaporation will also increase.There will also be water losses from water resources such as lakes and streams due to evaporation. This can cause water problems. Also, if you cannot find water due to shrinking water resources, less rainfall and increased evaporation in much of Turkey, there will be a water crisis. water, and the water crisis is a food crisis. Because, we continue to increase the yield per unit area with irrigated agriculture in decreasing agricultural areas. It is possible with irrigation. Therefore, food problems await us.” said.


Stating that there will be an increase in wildfires in the event of a long-term drought, Tolunay said: “Forest fires, fires last year had reached 45 degrees in the shade. In these conditions, if the wind, temperatures rise to 45-50 degrees and there is a long drought, we may experience forest fires more frequently. Moreover, as Turkey, we are a country that we overlook, surrounded by seas on three sides. We ignore sea level rise. Again, under the worst-case scenario, sea levels could rise by as much as 80 centimeters by the end of 100 years.

– We know that the sea level has risen by 3-4 millimeters per year on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, and has risen by 16-18 centimeters until today, according to studies carried out so far in Turkey . Thus, coasts, beaches or areas where Caretta Carettas nest for natural life, or seals using caves, are found in other places such as our Dalyans and Köyceğiz. These areas will be negatively affected by sea level rise.” said.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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