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Why did Elon Musk suspend the purchase of Twitter?

To understand it, we must bear in mind that, within the framework of this acquisition, the tycoon has shed light on what his intentions with Twitter would be, as well as the changes he would make to it after buying it. Some of these have been well received by most users, such as the fact that the platform’s code would become open, which means that anyone with knowledge could see how the algorithm operates and know what the content that is most privileged.

Other eventual changes have not been so popular, such as, for example, that under the administration of Elon Musk Twitter would be more flexible in its content standards, allowing “greater freedom of expression.” Would this social network give an open letter so that its users, under the umbrella of freedom of expression, go over the rights of other people?, is what some question.

However, the suspension of the purchase of Elon Musk responds to another of his interests, and that is to have a platform that punishes false accounts and those that work through robots, the so-called bot accounts.

Within his list of proposals, Musk wants Twitter in the future to certify accounts that are managed by humans, so that users can identify which tweet, comment or RT was given by a person, and which by a robot or fake account.

For the tycoon, it is not clear what percentage of the profiles that are currently registered on Twitter are of this type, and he assures that until this information is known, the business process will remain suspended. Apparently, the platform had reported that 5% of the accounts are false, but Musk does not trust it and asks that they support that figure.

Following this announcement, Twitter shares fell 20% in electronic trading prior to the opening of the Wall Street stock market. It must be remembered that this is not the first time that an action or the behavior of a cryptocurrency has registered large variations after the richest man in the world publishes a trill.

Since the news of the Twitter purchase agreement by Elon Musk was known, it was reported that the process would last six months. We have to wait how long it will take for the platform to support the percentage of false accounts to the tycoon, and depending on this, how much longer the entire negotiation process could take.

The truth is that the richest man in the world is behind one of the most powerful social platforms in the world. Power plus power, how good or bad can this equation turn out?

Source: Elespectador

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