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Launch: 3 new features in WhatsApp

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has announced three new features on its website.

Friday 06 May 2022, 10:40

WhatsApp shared a detailed explanation of its new features on its blog page.

According to the spokesperson, the statement read:

As we announced last month with our vision for WhatsApp Communities, we are currently developing features for organizations, businesses and other tight-knit groups to communicate securely and get their jobs done on WhatsApp. The feedback we have received so far has been very positive and we look forward to making many more features available to users.


  • We are glad to share that emoji emoticons are now available in the latest version of the app. Emotes are fun and fast, while reducing group overload. We will continue to improve emoticons by adding an even wider range of emoticons in the future.


  • Plus, you can now send files up to 2GB from WhatsApp in one go, protected by end-to-end encryption. We believe this increase from the previous 100MB limit will be beneficial for collaboration between small businesses and school groups. For larger files, we recommend using WiFi and will display a counter while uploading or downloading to let you know how long your transfer took.


  • One of the top requests we consistently received was the ability to add more people to a chat. This is why we are gradually rolling out the ability to add 512 people to a group. Building private, safe and secure communities takes effort. We believe these improvements will help people and groups stay close to each other.
  • We hope users enjoy these updates and look forward to sharing more throughout the year.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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