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The zigzag light on the Dacia cars. What it means and what to do when it lights up

Each time you turn on the ignition to start your car’s engine, a number of different colored lights and symbols light up on the dashboard. By switching them on simultaneously, the on-board computer tests whether all the car’s systems are operating at optimal parameters and tells you different situations: a malfunction, a possible dangerous situation or simply signals the activation of a certain function. Once the engine is started, the lights go out.

One of these witnesses is specific to Dacia cars, but also to some Renault models, and is known among the owners of local cars as the zigzag type witness.

This warning signal has often caused confusion among drivers who own a Duster, Logan or Sandero. That’s why we thought we’d give them a hand and tell them what this flight attendant is.

How many types of on-board witnesses are there?

The on-board witnesses are divided into three categories, each with its own color and meaning, as follows.

Red warning lights indicate a serious technical or safety issue that requires immediate action. If such a warning light comes on in the car while driving, we recommend that you turn right immediately, stop the engine, and call for help to remedy the problem.

Yellow or orange tell-tales, as appropriate, indicate a malfunction that requires a thorough check. Some malfunctions fix themselves, others can be fixed immediately by the driver, but in case of other problems you will need an informed opinion of a car mechanic.

The green or blue warning lights, as the case may be, are the ones that inform you about the status of a car component, such as an open door, emergency lights on, headlights on, etc.

Witnesses on board
  • Find out the hidden functions of Dacia models

What is a zigzag light and what does it say?

The zigzag type witness can be described as a rectangle with a broken, mountain-like line.

According to the user manual of the Dacia models, this is the multifunctional indicator light, red or orange. Ignition may indicate an error in the injection system. Additional information on the fault itself is indicated by the color of the symbol.

Like most warning lights, the zigzag light normally illuminates when the ignition is switched on, but it goes out as soon as the engine is started.

If this warning light comes on red and is accompanied by an audible signal, you must stop the engine immediately and stop it. Then you will need to call a Dacia representative for telephone or on-site assistance.

There is a possibility that the warning light may also come on while driving, in which case the problem is very serious and you will also have to stop the engine.

Ignition of the indicator light in orange, along with other indicator lights, may indicate problems with the electrical installation, as well as electronic malfunctions.

In this case, it is not necessary to stop the engine immediately, but you will have to drive carefully to the nearest Dacia service center for a diagnosis made with specialized equipment.

If you ignore this situation for a long time, there is a risk of damage to the engine, even damage to the engine.

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