Human smugglers started to apply 'summer discount' to immigrants

The migrant crisis in Europe has also mobilized human smugglers. Human smugglers announced that they have recently launched a ‘summer discount’ in their advertisements on TikTok. Reactions to the campaign on social media were not delayed. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there was a noticeable increase in the number of immigrants who wanted to cross into Europe, and…
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When is the AÖF summer school exam? Countdown for AÖF summer school exam

Summer school opportunities are offered for Open Education, Business and Economics Faculties. Students who have completed the application process are now waiting for the date of the exam. The AÖF summer school exam, whose registration has been completed in the past weeks, will be held on 13 August. The program date of the 2022 AÖF summer school exam, which offers the chance to complete…
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Health & Fitness

What is summer depression? What are the symptoms of summertime depression? How to deal with summer depression?

The hot weather that we have missed so much has arrived, even we centered the summer. Although we have left the gloomy winter weather behind us, many people may periodically feel more tired and unhappy during the summer months. summer sickness to summer depression We have compiled for you what you need to know about it. What is summer depression with its highlights? WHAT IS SUMMER…
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Chicken donor warning from the experts

In Adana, one of the hottest cities in Turkey, the air temperature is above seasonal norms. Thus, the risk of food poisoning increases. Everyone’s favorite chicken doner kebab is one of the most perishable foods. Experts have said that the chicken doner should be…

Big crisis in natural gas: Prices skyrocketed in mid-summer

The price of natural gas in Europe has risen to historical levels, exceeding $2400 for a thousand cubic meters today. After the Ukraine crisis and sanctions between the USA, Europe and Russia, there is a great crisis in natural gas. The crisis is also affecting Turkey. …

When will schools open? When will the summer vacation end?

Students enjoying the summer vacation are also wondering when schools will open. With the 2022-2023 calendar published by the Ministry of National Education, the date of opening of the schools has been determined. Schools will open on Monday, September 12. The summer vacation of the students who got their report cards last month continues. The summer vacation will last for approximately 3…
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